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Fic Rec

Title:  Bargains Untenable
Author:  Tielan
Summary:  Her last sight of them was of Torren's eyes filling with tears again as John walked to the door with resolute steps.
Category:  Action/Adventure, Drama,  John/Teyla
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  ~12,500
Notes:  Inspired by ileliberte's beautiful picture "Green Places"
Comments:  Tielan wrote this for the sgareversebang challenge and I absolutely loved it!

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New Fic

Category:  New Fanfic
Fanfic Title:  The Connection
Rating:  M
Warnings:  sexual situations
Disclaimer:  The characters are not mine etc ...
Size:  ~37,500 words
File Format:  Word doc
Summary:    John's bout with the Iratus retro-virus leaves him with some residual and unusual side effects.
  This was written for the sgareversebang challenge and was inspired by the lovely artwork of our very owntielan who did the artwork above. 

read here:  The Connection

Beya's Secret Elf Final Masterlist 2011

There were some mistakes and LJ wouldn't cooperate so I had to do it all over again. Sorry about that guys. And thank you kariesue for pointing it out. :) Hopefully, it's right this time. 

Beya's 3rd Annual Secret Elf Exchange December 2011 Masterlist

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SGA - christmas 1
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SGA fic: "Progressus" - PG-13 [John, John/Teyla]

TITLE: Progressus
AUTHOR: tielan
SUMMARY: Human beings are growing things - if they're not living and changing, they're just waiting to be put in the ground.
NOTES: For the sga_saturday Week #17 prompt 'trace'. This story took forever to write, partly because it couldn't decide what it was going to be until I got the title for it.

SGA - JT 2
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Beya's Secret Elf Exchange: Final Present for wedjatqi - Part 5 of 5

TITLE: Hold It True, Whate'er Befall
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: John and Teyla on Earth, learning how to cope with each other, finding out if they could have more out of their relationship or not.
CATEGORY: Romance, angst, first time.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, making no money, etc.
NOTES: For a while, I thought I'd never get this done! But it all came together this afternoon, so I can finally present the finished story - some 11K! Merry Christmas, wedjatqi! I hope you had a wonderful season and that 2011 is a fantastic year for you in all your fandoms!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Part 4 | Part 5
SG - JT3
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fic: "Different Dances" by Tielan - PG-13 [John/Teyla]

TITLE: Different Dances
AUTHOR: tielan
SUMMARY: John has responsibilities to Ronon. Teyla ensures that he is aware of the extent of them.
PAIRING: John/Teyla
NOTES: written for gaffsie to her prompt request "John and Teyla, teaching John a traditional Satedan dance."

Teyla waits until the week before the event to explain to John what is expected of him.
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SGA fic: "Rituals" - [John/Teyla]

TITLE: Rituals
SUMMARY: Like any good two year old, Torran knows how to procrastinate when it comes to bedtime.
CATEGORY: humour, romance
WORD COUNT: ~1,000
DISCLAIMER: Stargate Atlantis characters belong to MGM, Sci-Fi, Gekko, and a lot of companies that make money out of them. I'd love to be making money out of them, but I'll settle for borrowing them for fanfiction purposes.
NOTES: beth_soprano provided the prompt "John/Teyla, goodnight kiss".

Torran may only be two, but he knows how to procrastinate.

Author's Spotlight

 So, I thought for this month of January, or what's left of it, we recognize and acknowledge those Wonderful John and Teyla authors. 

I realize that some of us only visit Gateworld or Fanfiction.net and we've missed some great fics out there and of course, there are some in our JT fandom that have just entered into our insane little world and may have missed some great fics. But mostly, because I think that there are some great writers out there that are overlooked in their work, or people for whatever reason simply don't leave comments or what not. I don't know. All I know is that for the month of January, I'd like to extend this invitation and encourage all our members to post their favorite authors and or their favorite fics. You can post as often as you'd like and you can post multiple fics in one entry and post as many entries as you'd like. You can include comments on why you like this fic or that fic or whatever, or just simply post the link. All I ask, is that you follow the rules and guidelines for posting fics. 

I've notice that some of you are not posting entries following guidelines of this community, and I don't want to start screening entries, but I will if I have to. There's a reason for those guidelines so please adhere to them. 

Here's our posting prompt. USE IT or make something similar.....but you must have something like this.... 

Category: Video/fic/icon/wp/banner/etc
Title: Insert title here
Author: Author’s name
Rating: G/PG/PG-13/M/R
Warnings:spoilers/character death/squick/etc.
Disclaimer: The characters, etc, of SGA don't belong to us. For fun, not profit.
Size: 30MB/3000words/1280x1024/etc
File Format: WMV or Word or .jpg
Link: www.linkhere.com
Comments: Anything extra you wish to add.

Also, use the tags please!!!! The whole point of Beya was to have a place where we can archive and find things easily. So, tags are extremely important. Trust me, for too long I've neglected these useful tools in LJ and they are there for a purpose. If the writer that you are posting for does not have their own tag, simply use the fic tag. That will be sufficient.

Beyond that....let's take the time to acknowledge those fantastic writers and if for some reason you see one that you've never seen or read or left a comment, now is the chance to do so. And again, no one here is going to take this personally if you favor one writer than others... That's not what this is about. This is about recognizing the work of so many and getting a chance to re-read and read good fics. We all have a difference of opinion and in this comm that's expected, welcomed and celebrated. As long as we do it respectfully.

With that in mind, I'll be posting my favorite throughout the month, and trust me, I have plenty. And then of course, I"m sure I'll forget some and then I won't find some that I've read in LJ comms but don't remember where to find them. So, this is a good chance to get us all in one place. Also, if someone post a fic that you were going to post, you can simply make a comment in that entry, but there's no need to double dip. So, try to look at all the entries before you post yours so that we don't repeat the same fics over and over again. I realize that some are that good, but once is enough. And if that fic has been posted here in the past, that's okay. You can repost it. And lastly, you can recommend your own fics. ;)

Finally, in this entry, I"m going to call these Camy's Classics. These were my very first fics that I've EVER read. I never did anything like this before, and so, this was significant and special for me. I"m sure I"ll forget some, but I'll continue to post as I recall them and if I find them. ;)

So, without further a do....Camy's Classic Fics...

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SG - JT1
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John/Teyla fic listing 2007-2008

There are several ways to find my work.

The John/Teyla tag on my LJ contains not only all the John/Teyla stories from my LJ, but also various John/Teyla recs I've made over the last four years. Other tags that might have John&Teyla friendship stories on them will be under the John tag and the Teyla tag.

My list of 2007 fanfic (all of it, not just John/Teyla) is here, but your best option to find everything I've ever written would be to use the tags I've listed above.

My fanfiction.net site, which I don't update quite as often as I probably should.

What I've listed below isn't the entirely of my work, only the most recent work from the last year.

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