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28 Days of John and Teyla: Day 2

Title: Fight Until the End
Authors: gater101, scifan, padme18, TeylaFan, Hope24, MrsB108, CazzBlade, YappiChick, Linda06, WingedPegasus, ruby_caspar, Teyilia 
Rating: T (for violence)
Warnings: Er, none?
Disclaimer: Nope, not ours.
Size: Er...don't know...
Link: http://jtroundrobin.livejournal.com/1369.html
Comments: This is one of the round robin fics that we did in the GW John/Teyla thread years ago. All of the names listed under the author list are the GW handles. Doing the round robins with these incredible ladies was one of the best things I took from the JT thread. So much creativity!

Fight Until the End
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Fic: Someone's Under the Mistletoe (1/1)

Category: Fic
Title: Someone's Under the Mistletoe
Author: yappichick
Rating & Warnings: S for Squeaky
Word Count: 600
Disclaimer: Not mine. Sorry.
Summary: In a couple of minutes, she would walk in and he would be able to share his favorite Christmas tradition with her.  Finally.
Author's Notes: Written for [info]sgmajorshipper for the Holiday Fic meme, part 2.  No, she didn't ask for a second fic.  This one kind of snuck up on me.  Takes place a few years after "Ringing in the Season" (But you don't have to read it to understand it.)
Timeline notes: I know in the Legacy series, (spoilers) Teyla and Kanaan are no longer an item so let's say this story takes place in that universe.

Tis the season! )
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Fic: On Vacation

Title: On Vacation 
Author: YappiChick
Rating: T
Warnings: Uh, none.
Disclaimers: Nope, not mine. 
Spoilers: Set during sometime during season two or three...take your pick 
Summary: John takes Teyla to the beach on a well-deserved vacation. It's almost too good to be true.

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John and Teyla Secret Elf Beya Exchange Final Masterlist

I can't write it enough!!! THANK YOU for participating in this event. It was a HUGE success and more than I ever imagined!!! THANK YOU! 

We are still missing presents, but those are coming forth. I promise you that. In the meantime, here's an incomplete masterlist, and I will add the remaining presents once they come in. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for PARTICIPATING!!!!!  I couldn't have done this without you. 

I'm not sure if I'll do a poll, survey or a questionnaire later on this week to get feedback from all of you, but something will be posted shortly. I want Beya to continue and seeing the success of this event only confirms that there is still interest out there in the John and Teyla fandom and even if there is about 20 or so of us, I still think that there's more, but that's enough for me. So, let's keep the fun going and our love for this dynamic and beautiful duo alive as long as there is interest out there and I thank you for that!!! :) 

Since some of these were recs, I included the details of each piece whether it was an original *created by the secret elf* or a rec. If I counted correctly, we have 22 Original pieces of Fanart created *I didn't count each individual pieces just the group of entries* and 13 Fanfics. WOHOOOOOO!!!!!! And still counting! ;) THANK YOU! You guys are AWESOME! That was in 4 weeks! 

So, without any further interruptions: Here's the final Masterlist for the John and Teyla Beya Secret Elf Exchange 2009.

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I will add the ones that are yet to come to this masterlist, so keep that in mind and please leave a comment to these fantastic artists and writers for they have certainly entertained us and gifted us with their AWESOME artistic abilities. I suggest you go through each one by one and see if you missed any, that's what I'm going to do, and leave comments to those that you've missed. 

THANK YOU!!!! and have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED 2010 NEW YEAR!!!
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Secret Elf for FoxyintheCity

Recipient: foxyinthecity 
Secret Elf: yappichick 
Category: Fic
Title: Sweet Treats
Author: yappichick 
Rating: G
Warnings: Not so much a warning as a notice that this takes place during the first half of season three.
Disclaimer: Nope. Not mine.
Size: 1529 words
File Format: text
Comments: Hope!!!  I hope you had a geat Christmas and have an awesomely blessed New Year.  I was so thrilled when I got your name :D  Thank you for all the help with my Teyla story over the past few months. You rock! I hope you enjoyed all of the presents! :D :D


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Prompt Battle Fic: Pencil Pusher, Teyla is given a formal title and an office, G

Title: Pencil Pusher
Summary: Teyla in an office. Any more will spoil it. :D
Category: JT Friendship
Rating: S for Squeaky
Spoilers: The Seed
Author's Notes: This is for the prompt "Teyla is given a formal title and an office for her work assisting Woolsey in effect as an assistant administrator of the city."  I tweeked it a little bit, but hopefully it still fits enough. :D

Pencil Pusher