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twenty-eight days of john and teyla day 24

Category: Videos
Title: Until We Meet Again
Author: kickstand75
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: The characters, etc, of SGA don't belong to us. For fun, not profit.
Format: embed on my LJ account
Comments:  Hope you like my video. It goes along with the fic I will be posting in two days. Video is tagged to episode The Return - Part 1.


Link to my LJ here:        http://kickstand75.livejournal.com/4729.html

twenty-eight days of John and Teyla day 22

Category: Videos
Title: Pieces/You're All I Want
Author: auntnora/Sariou1967
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: The characters, etc, of SGA don't belong to us. For fun, not profit.
Size: 640x360
Format: YouTube links
Comments: These two videos have been on my playlist for a long time, perfect for getting me in the mood to write and they're just plain full of J/T goodness.

The first video, I discovered by accident.  I had heard the song and completely fell in love with it and the band that sings it.  It rapidly went into my top ten on my favorite songs of all time list (which is saying something because the list is quite long lol).  No matter how many times I listen to it, it never gets old and never seems any less beautiful.  As soon as I heard it, I wished and wished I had the know-how to make a video to it, because I thought it was PERFECT for John and Teyla, but sadly, I don't.  :(  But one day while I was surfing through YouTube, I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement when I saw someone else already had.

The second is just for fun and just because I love it.  Enjoy!!!
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Summary Video of Season One SGA

Category: fan vid
Title: Stargate Atlantis: Season One
Author: kickstand75
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The characters, etc, of SGA don't belong to us. For fun, not profit.
Size: 1200 x 900, 700 x 200, 800 x 400, 100 x 100 
File Format: wmv
Comments: Hey all! Hope you all enjoy my version of a season one summary. I've had so much fun talking about the season these last few months. The idea to put it all into a vid came about two weeks ago. It's a little light on the John and Teyla as it's meant to be an actual summary of season 1, however, I think you'll like a few "looks" I caught between them both. ;) 


Valentine's Challenge: Hearts that beat as one-13th Feb at sga_beya

Category: Video
Title: Wish I was your Lover
Author: Spiritcoda (Shivika)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Kissing Parts
Disclaimer: The Characters, etc of SGA don't belong to us, For fun, not profit
Size: WMV- 1280 x 720 87.7mb and FLV
File Format: WMV and flash viewable
Comments: Not dial up friendly... heavy Video
Links: http://spiritcoda.livejournal.com/80143.html

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John and Teyla Vid

Category: Video
Title: Two Steps Behind
Author: sgafan
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The characters, etc, of SGA don't belong to us. For fun, not profit.
Size: N/A – Link live streams the vid from Vimeo. No download required.
File Format: WMV
Link: Embedded below
Comments: I’ve only made one vid that features the two of them. I made this… wow, at least 3 years ago. How time flies! ;) All of my vids can be found on my LJ using the “vid” tag.

Two Steps Behind from SGAFan on Vimeo.

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Category: Video
Title: I'd Come for You
Author: kickstand75
Rating: PG-10ish
Warnings: well, if you haven't seen all of SGA, I suppose there could be spoilers ahead! 
Disclaimer: For fun, not for profit. These clips all belong to MGM and the music to Nickelback. 
File Format: WMV
Comments: After lurking here reading all your wonderful stories for the last month or so, I finally got brave enough to join and ask to post. This is only my second video with TV clips. I'd love to hear what you think. The story tells itself I believe. Enjoy! P.S....I hope I've posted correctly. This is only my second livejournal post. 
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UNWELL - A Vid for My Girls

>I haven't posted here for a while or contrbuted much except to give my *high fives* for all your fine work, but I'm trying to get back into vidding(with the new grandbaby and all *G*)and I thought I would start with this. This song would bug me everytime I heard it and it just screamed well - BugJohn, so I made the vid.

Check it out and let me know what you think. It's been a while but I did it with love and I know it could be better.


12-29-11 Edited: If unable to get the 4Share video can be seen on Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3J8QGRX3